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Xcitement: You twitter almost as much as I do.
Nyomi Banxxx: Really? I thought I was one of the slow ones.
X: This is a first for me. I got all of the questions for this interview off of your Twitter pages. And I only had to read a couple days worth to have a page full of questions.
Nyomi Banxxx: (Laughs)
X: How often are you on there?
N: When I first opened my account I was on there once a week, but lately I have been on there a lot. If I have a day where I am not doing anything I have time to sit down and really talk to a lot of my fans. And it’s quite funny and cool.
X: You can meet a lot of people.
N: Yes you can. I have a lot of businesses, with music and stuff like that. So I am able to meet a lot of DJ’s and magazine companies that want to interview some of the artists on my label. And then with the fans they have questions, and I like to answer all of them. Occasionally you get a stalker, but all in all I like that it’s an instant connection with the fans.
X: That’s why I like it. It’s like an IM except you are talking to 20 people at once. I’m too impatient to do IM’s because you have to sit there and wait for the person answer you back.
N: Exactly. Well remember the last time I was in Miami on South Beach and I was asking where there was a Mexican Restaurant, and you wrote back to me there are Cuban Restaurants here, not Mexican Restaurants.
X: Yes, I would have never have met you if it wasn’t for Twitter. So your Twitter page tells me you drink Patron. That’s tequila, right?
N: Yes that is.
X: Do you drink it with lime and salt?
Nyomi Banxxx: No. I am a pro at it. I don’t need that. I have never done the lick suck thing. We just always took tequila shots. We started out drinking 1800. And as we got older we got a bit more..
X: Expensive.
N: Yeah.
X: You call everybody Sweets.
N: I do. I think it’s cool to be able to meet people on twitter. And it takes courage for a lot of people to talk to us, and I just think they are my Sweets.
X: I think that is a very sweet thing to call people! What are some of your other favorite words?
N: I say “Always keep it sexy” I say messy a lot. It’s a hot mess. That means get it together, get it tight. Tight is another word.
X: Tight is a good word for many things.
N: Yeah. (Laughs) That’s about it.
X: I notice that you give out love advice on twitter. You told someone the five elements to a relationship.
N: One of the guys gave me four of them and said that would make a relationship work. I said you need to communicate, trust, what were the other ones?
X: Love, patience and understanding.
N: I said all five of those are what you need for a good relationship. And he took my advice and it was cool. And I am hoping that his relationship goes well.
X: You should have a column, Love Advice by Nyomi Banxxx.
N: I was thinking about doing that once before. But I said I don’t know.
X: You already have enough to do though. I found that out. So you just finished up the movie that you wrote, directed and starred, Nyomi’s Diary, Ebony Lesbian Edition. Do you do lots of movies?
N: Yes I do. I was in mainstream before I got into porn. I do have my own production company called That’s Common Productions. I have an independent movie out now that I starred in called Caught in the Game.
X: Can I see a trailer on it?
N: There is a site called CaughtInTheGameMovie.com, where you can get information.
X: How are you distributing Nyomi’s Diary?
N: Well I did Nyomi’s Diary under my production company and Back Out Video is helping me with distribution on the east coast. And I am trying to see what I can do on this coast.
X: Tell me about the movie.
N: It’s based on my diary. I am living out what is in my diary and trying to decide whether I am a lesbian or not. I play a record executive that flies around the world. During different encounters I meet women, and I am so shocked that I am attracted to these women. You can see the trailer of this on BackOutVideo.net. It’s all about my lesbian experiences with women of color.
X: Who else is in it?
N: Cheyenne Jacobs, Arianna Star, Misty Stone, Baby Cakes and Jordin Skye.
X: Sounds like you had lots of fun. So when you are flying around the world and you are running into these women, are you visiting record companies?
N: Yeah. I am trying to find different artists to work with. Arianna plays my lawyer and the other young ladies I meet in passing. Like I meet Baby Cakes when I am getting out of the elevator and she is getting onto the elevator. And she is so breathtakingly beautiful I find myself just staring at her and I didn’t know I could feel that way about a woman. Jordin Skye plays the hotel manager and there have been complaints about my music being so loud because I am listening to demos in my room. So she comes to my room to complain about it and as she is yelling at me I am fantasizing about what I could do with her. So every scenario is different but it intertwines.
X: That sounds really good. That’s a good story line for a movie.
N: And it doesn’t stop here. I have an interracial one that I am working on now. With myself and a cast of white guys like Chris Charming, Rocco Reed…
X: I love Rocco Reed.
N: He’s a sweetie. It’s a diary also. I am hitting every niche. Every two or three months I am going to come out with another edition. But they are all about my innermost feelings that come out on camera.
X: That’s brilliant! You can do twenty movies on this.
N: Thank you.
X: You could even do foot fetish, gang bang, everything. Did you do your scene with Rocco yet?
N: I did a scene with him for Holly (Randall) But he works so much, my God. It’s hard to get it together with him. He’s really a sweetheart.
X: So you did photos for Holly?
N: We did photographs and video.
X: Is that where you met Rocco?
N: I met him on a set. I was working with Mr. Pete that day. And I was walking in and Rocco said is this the one I am working with? And he said no you wish. And we started talking and I thought he was a really cool guy. So we exchanged numbers. Holly called me for a shoot and she asked me who I wanna shoot with and I said I don’t know, and she said how about Rocco. And I was like YEAH! It was a good shoot.
X: You work a lot.
N: I do, but I could be working more.
X: Well your paperwork that you hate keeps you busy.
N: Hustler is reviewing my movies and doing an interview so I had to make sure all my paperwork was straight.
X: You like to cook, and you are the black Julia Childs.
N: (Laughs) When I was younger my Dad says I would burn water. I always thought I was going to be rich. I was going to have a maid. I was going to have a chef. I don’t need to cook. My father said you will never get a man. You will never get married. I said I wasn’t worried about that. So when I went away to college I had to learn to cook, because my father was not there to cook for me. As years went on cooking relieves a lot of stress, being creative and making up recipes relaxes me.
X: I read about you making shrimp and lobster. I wish I was there for that.
N: It came out good. I made a spicy seafood and mushroom pasta.
X: You are making me hungry. I read some more of your advice. You told a guy that you were going to take him to a strip club and find him a woman. Do you pick up a lot of women at strip clubs?
N: No, but I just figured maybe he could.
X: I think it would be a blast to go to a strip club with you.
N: We do. I’ve been out with a couple of my girlfriends and we have a ball when we go to a club. One of my cousins took me to a hood strip club and I saw this guy ball up money and beaming it at the girl like he was playing dodge ball or something. And before I knew it, I think it was too many tequila shots, I was up standing there in his face like you shouldn’t do that. That is so disrespectful. She is here to entertain you. The guy was so impressed that he bought us rounds of drinks. And every time he walked up the stage to give a lady a tip he looked at me as if to say see I can be a gentleman.
X: Good for you for saying something. Because you know the girl would have liked to say something but she would rather have the dollars than not have them so she doesn’t want to piss the guy off.
N: Exactly. But just because we have sex on camera, we don’t have to act slutty. We need to present ourselves as sexy. Just because I have sex for a living, I can still be a lady.
X: You are a classy chick, and very creative and smart. How did you end up in porn?
N: I moved to L.A. to pursue acting full time. I did that for two years and it was really slow. My Dad had gotten sick in Chicago, and my Mom couldn’t pay the bill or take care of him 24 hours a day. So he needed fulltime care. So I had to keep all my businesses going and help at home so I looked into porn to see what was missing. I found the glamour on the ebony side lacking. So I knew going in what companies I wanted to work for and which I didn’t.
X: It doesn’t hurt that you are beautiful. You have great bone structure.
N: Well thank you. I’ll thank my Mom for that.
X: Who is your first choice if you could have sex with any guy?
N: LL Cool J. He’s my first love. T.O. is number two. (Terrell Owens) Horace Grant is number three, he used to play with the Bulls back in the day. I had such a big crush on him.
X: So that’s sports and music. Who would you like to have sex with in porn?
You have already had Rocco. Have you done Lexington?
N: Oh my goodness, he is one of my best. I love having sex with him, but we have had it so much.
X: I’ve met him, and he puts his arm around you and talks in that low voice… oh man.
N: He is really sexy. And Sean Michaels is really sexy too. They are both very debonair types of guys. Everyone in the business that I have wanted to have sex with I have had sex with.
X: It must be really nice to just pick who you want to have sex with and call them up and invite them over to your set. I’m doing a movie. I’d like to have sex with you. Can you be here tomorrow at 4?
N: (Laughs)
X: That must be nice.
N: Yes.
X: So tell me what the perfect dick looks like.
N: Actually I like it a little curved. Not too big. Right in the middle, 9 inches, maybe 10.
X: Curved upward?
N: To be very honest, either way will do, because if they know how to work it…
X: Have you ever seen a perfect one?
N: No not yet. Not perfect for me. Lex has the, it’s funny to say this, but prettiest, the prettiest penis I have ever seen because he is circumcised and just bare and it’s bigger.
X: We could make a poster of it and hang it on the wall. Tell me about what you would consider a romantic evening. You would probably want him to cook him dinner.
N: I’d like him to cook dinner for me. I would come into a hotel room and it would be filled with flowers and candles and rose petals and he would greet me fully naked and oiled down. He gives me a beautiful massage and then escorts me to the tub and then to the shower where we have hot passionate sex and some strawberries too.
X: Do you have a guy in mind when you are thinking about this?
N: I have a few guys pictured in my mind.
X: Do you want to tell me who they are or no?
N: No.
X: Okay fine, I’ll just keep checking your tweets and I’ll see it, so there! What is the best sex you have ever had?
N: Oh my goodness! The best sex I ever had was on my drive to L.A. from Chicago. My boyfriend then and I were in the Rocky Mountains and we were a little horny. We pulled over on the side of the road and got out of the car and had sex right there on the side of the road standing up. People were blowing their horns. And I think that was the best because it was a rush just to know that we might be caught.
X: Well you picked some beautiful scenery and you are lucky a cop didn’t drive by.
N: I know.
X: If people could only see one scene that you have ever done which one should it be?
N: They need to see Nyomi’s Diary because the scene I did with Cheyenne was really really hot.
X: What did you two do?
N: We started off in a hot shower scene and we took it to the floor. I made her scream and holler and she mad me scream and holler. That is probably one of the only two scenes with two women where I truly orgasmed. The other one was with Aubrey Adams. Those are literally the only two girls who made me cum and made me want more of them.
X: When is this movie coming out?
N: It’s out now. You can see it on HotMovies.com,
X: I want to make sure I have that spelled correctly. I was talking to one of my friends on Twitter, I told him I was interviewing you and he said your name looks like the letters you have left over when you are done playing scrabble.
N: (cracks up)
X: I thought that was pretty funny too. Your name would be worth about 50 points! Do you have an unfulfilled fantasy?
N: No because I have been able to live them all out on camera.
X: What do you think about when you masturbate?
N: You are going to laugh at me, but I just started masturbating when I got into porn. Before I didn’t do it. The very first time I was asked to masturbate I was looking like what do I do? I called up one of my girlfriends and she was telling me what all to do. So now I do it more, but usually with a massager or a toy, trying to get to know my body totally. Before I didn’t, I had someone who was doing it for me. Now on camera they want you to masturbate first to turn the guy on. So now I am pretty good at it. I come from Chicago, a very conservative family of pastors and stuff. So being sexy was a no, you didn’t explore that side of yourself. So once I got into the porn side, I found out I was an in the closet freak. I thought it was embarrassing for a woman to touch herself like that until I crossed over and saw that, oh, it’s okay!
X: So did you have a lot of lesbian experiences in Chicago before you left? (laughing)
N: No, one of my girlfriends back there is gay. When she came out to me and told me and my sister, we were shocked and amazed. And we asked all these questions, why are you gay, what’s this and what’s that. She told us that she thought a woman was more sensitive and more sexier. And as I see now, they are! Am I a lesbian, no. Do I like women? Yes I like very attractive women. A women that can catch my attention is a hot mama, otherwise I stick strictly to the dickly. (Laughs)
X: Is there anything that I forgot to ask you about?
N: I just won an award at the Urban Spice Awards.
X: Congratulations! What did you win?
N: Best MILF performer award, but I renamed it to the best grown and sexy award. Because MILF has a stigma. I talk to Diamond about it all the time, we are like, we are not, what do you mean we a MILF!
X: Diamond Jackson?
N: Yeah.
X: She’s one of my best friends in the biz. I didn’t know that you two were friends.
N: Yes, we shot together two or three times. We are trying to shoot content with each other.
X: I will be seeing her tomorrow.
N: Tell her I said hi!
X: I will! Do you have a message for your fans?
N: Just continue to support me. I appreciate it and I love them all. And always keep it sexy! I also have some artists on twitter that they should check out. Brooklyn James is a hot R & B artist and I have directed some of her music videos. Then I have Isaiah The Prophet, Jo Jo De and Cardio all hip hop artists. If anyone wants to send fan mail, here is my address- PO Box 6311 Van Nuys Blvd, #414, Van Nuys, CA, 91401


Nyomi Banxxx (banks) won the Urban X Award for Best MILF Performer in 2009


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